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From the sea to the land to the market, SARDI delivers robust scientific solutions for primary industries. Our scientists create opportunities for market growth within agriculture, food, aquatics and bioscience industries, ensuring they remain internationally competitive and ecologically sustainable. More about SARDI »

Government of South Australia - Primary Industries and Regions SA SARDI - South Australian Research and Development Institute

Watershed cruise for SAIMOS
The Southern Australian Integrated Marine Observing System (SAIMOS) team has reached a major milestone with the successful completion of their 50th research cruise in the eastern Great Australian Bight. 19 November 2014

Lobsters natural compass points south-west
SARDI researchers have shed new light on the movement behavior of southern rock lobsters (Jasus edwardsii). 29 October 2014

Break crops give Mallee growers a lift
Two break crops in a row has seen cereal yields double and grassy weeds drop in problem paddocks in low rainfall zones across South Australia. 10 October 2014

Great Australian Bight Research
The fundamental nature of the oceanography of the Great Australian Bight will be detailed for the first time as part of a $20m research program. 7 October 2014

Animal welfare on poultry day agenda
Chicken and egg producers will hear the latest on animal welfare research and share on-farm experiences at the annual South Australian Poultry Industry Information Day. 28 September 2014


Innovation at every step of the food chain

SARDI is the South Australian Government’s principal research organisation within Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA). It is a national leader in the areas of pork, poultry, grains, seafood (wild fisheries and aquaculture), wine grapes, food and nutrition, climate adaptation and animal welfare.