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Government of South Australia SARDI - South Australian Research and Development Institute

About Aquatic Environment

Aquatic environment related research is conducted within the SARDI Aquatic Sciences Research Division, based at West Beach near Adelaide.

Research programs relating to the aquatic environment include:

Aquaculture - The Aquaculture Science Program provides scientific and technical advice across government, industry and the community on key issues associated with the sustainable development and management of aquaculture in brackish, freshwater and marine environments.

Inland Waters and Catchment Ecology - The Inland Waters and Catchment Ecology Science Program looks at the conservation and management of freshwater dependent systems including native fish resources and habitats.

Marine Ecosystems - The Marine Ecosystems Science Program monitors and conducts assessments of impacts on marine and coastal habitats

Fisheries - The Fisheries Science Program conducts stock assessments of commercial and recreational fisheries in marine and inland waters, and on species including rock lobster, abalone, prawns, sardines, marine and estuarine finfish and several other molluscs and crustaceans.

Facilities - SARDI Aquatic Sciences has many unique facilities to achieve its goal of world class marine research. Some of these are available for others to use on a fee for service basis.

SARDI Aquatic Sciences Research Chief, Professor Gavin Begg, speaks on SARDIís marine research and a new $20 million Great Australian Bight Research Program.

With thanks to Steve Leicester, Fleetwood Digital, for the film clip. (see video transcript)

SARDI Aquatic Sciences - World class marine and fresh water research (YouTube video)