About Crops

SARDI's Sustainable Systems research division includes wheat and barley improvement, pulses and oilseeds, oats and vetch, new variety agronomy and gene function science program areas.

The focus is to develop improved crop varieties and technologies which enable high and sustainable on-farm productivity and the capacity to meet increasingly stringent grain market product specifications.

Science Program Areas

Gene Function: molecular genetics and genomics tools are used to understand key traits in species of importance to South Australian agriculture and horticulture. In cereals, the main focus is on the identification of genes and linked molecular markers for quality, disease resistance and abiotic stress traits.

New Variety Agronomy program provides a broad range of technical services to all commodities and across their supply chain sectors.

Oat and Vetch program has a national scope and provides improved varieties for the southern region of Australia.

Pulses and Oilseeds program delivers research outputs in germplasm enhancement providing novel parent lines through improved varieties of field peas, lentil, chickpeas and faba beans for SA by being the national leader of pulse germplasm enhancement of the Pulse Breeding Australia (PBA) consortium.

Wheat and Barley program monitors the incidence and severity of diseases in cereals in SA which, when combined with knowledge of changing farming systems and variety resistance, leads to industry threat assessments, disease warnings and development of industry strategies to minimize economic damage.

Research Projects

Current crops research projects

Information about the benefit:cost analysis of SARDI's crop programs

For information about crop pests and plant and soil health see the Pests & Diseases section of the SARDI website.

Research Centres

Field Crop Improvement Centre (FCIC) based in Urrbrae at the Waite Research Precinct.

Clare Crop Improvement Centre

Minnipa Agricultural Centre

Port Lincoln Crop Improvement Centre

Struan Agricultural Centre