Crop Varieties

Information about new varieties of:


Cereal Rye

  • Bevy A high yielding cereal rye for South Australian rye growers.

 Faba Beans

  • Fiesta (PDF 222.2 KB) A high-yielding faba bean with improved disease resistance and suitability for all rainfall areas.
  • Manafest (PDF 205.2 KB) A larger seeded faba bean for medium to high rainfall areas, especially where iron and manganese chlorosis is a problem.


  • Aldinga A red lentil for South Australia
  • Northfield A high quality red lentil for South Australia.


  • Jindalee (PDF 410.1 KB) A mid season flowering lupin suited to mid and high rainfall areas of south eastern Australia.
  • Mandelup (PDF 497.9 KB) A high yielding, narrow leaf Lupin variety for medium to low rainfall zones, with good anthracnose resistance and tolerance to metribuzin.



  • Kaspa (PDF 417.5 KB) A high yielding, dun type field pea with pod shatter resistance for Southern Eastern Australia.
  • Laura A white seeded splitting pea for Southern Australia.
  • Mukta (PDF 484.5 KB) A semi-leafless, powdery mildew resistant, large- seeded white pea for medium to high rainfall areas.
  • Parafield (PDF 240.5 KB) A high yielding widely adapted dun type field pea for all major pea growing areas.
  • Santi (PDF 491.7 KB) A semi-leafless, mid-maturing, large-seeded, high-quality white pea.
  • Soupa (PDF 535.0 KB) A high-yielding, widely adapted blue pea suited to human consumption markets.


  • Credit (PDF 396.6 KB) A triticale for higher rainfall regions and situations prone to waterlogging.
  • Tickit (PDF 552.9 KB) A higher yielding, disease resistant triticale to replace Tahara in all districts.
  • Treat (PDF 434.0 KB) A triticale with improved grain quality suited to all rainfall districts.
  • Rufus
    A dual purpose triticale with improved grain quality and good hay potential, suited to all rainfall districts.



  • Anlace (PDF 316.2 KB) A soft quality rust resistant biscuit wheat for eastern Australia.
  • Kalka (PDF 831.4 KB) A durum wheat with boron tolerance and improved semolina quality for Southern Australia.
  • Krichauff  A high yielding, ASW quality, potential Yellow Alkaline Noodle Wheat for South Australia.
  • Kukri (PDF 295.2 KB) A premium Australian hard quality rust resistant wheat for southern Australia
  • Pugsley (PDF 835.6 KB) A widely adapted, high yielding, APW quality wheat for southern Australia
  • Stiletto A stem rust resistant weapon for South Australian wheat growers.
  • Worrakatta (PDF 375.2 KB) A noodle quality APW wheat for Eyre Peninsula growers.
  • Yitpi (PDF 328.9 KB) A hard quality cereal eelworm-resistant wheat for South Australian growers.