Two farmer-friendly disease identification books and a Ute Guide have been published from the group and these are available from SARDI, Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA) or from the Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC).

Cereal leaf and stem diseases 
Hugh Wallwork (2000)

This book provides 204 colour photographs of diseases affecting wheat, barley and oats in Australia as well as photographs of other symptoms that can be confused with foliar diseases. Descriptions of symptoms, a brief explanation of relevant features of the biology of the pathogen and methods for controlling each disease is also provided. 

Price $33 plus postage

Cereal root and crown diseases 
Hugh Wallwork (2000) 

This book provides 100 colour photographs of take-all, Rhizoctonia, crown rot, cereal cyst nematode, root lesion nematode, Pythium, common root rot and base rot. Both plant and field symptoms are described as well as an explanation of the biology and methods for controlling each pathogen. 

Price $27.50 plus postage

Cereal Diseases: The ute guide
Hugh Wallwork (1997)

This thick plastic guide is designed for use in the field. It provides photographs and brief descriptions of all the major wheat, barley and oat diseases in Australia. It can be obtained from GroundCover Direct for $20.

(For the uninitiated overseas reader a Ute is a farm utility vehicle)


Cereal Variety Disease Guide 2014 (PDF 380.0 KB) An annual PIRSA publication which provides up-to-date information on the disease resistance status of wheat, barley and oat varieties to a range of diseases as well as a summary of the previous season. 

Cereal Seed Treatment Factsheet 2014 (PDF 390.5 KB or DOC 103.0 KB)
An annual PIRSA publication which provides information on which seed treatments are available for the control of smuts and suppression of foliar diseases and advice on which to use. 

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