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Government of South Australia SARDI - South Australian Research and Development Institute

About Farming Systems


SARDI's Farming Systems science program area is part of the Livestock and Farming Systems research division and consists of an expert research and development team, identifying and refining farming systems for sustainable resource management in southern Australia.


Farming systems in southern Australia which are productive, profitable and sustainable.


To identify, understand and promote crop and pasture systems which optimise profitability, quality and sustainability within the landscape.

Areas of Activity

  • Defining the benefits of sound nutrition to productivity and sustainability of crops and pastures
  • Providing R&D expertise to the industry in collaborative and commercial projects
  • Developing best practice strategies of nutrition management for enhanced product quality and environment protection
  • Identifying stubble and tillage management practice which allow retention of crop residues and minimise soil disturbance so that wind and water erosion is reduced
  • Improving subsoils to encourage better root development and more efficient water use
  • Assessing the effects of farm practices and experimental treatments on rainfall infiltration and erosion risk through rainfall simulation studies

Research projects include:

  • Low rainfall farming systems
  • Subsoil constraints

Research Centres:

More detail about the Farming Systems research projects and information and advice for soil management as part of sustainable farming systems is given in the Land Management section.

Information and advice about nutrition management to optimise crop development while sustaining natural resources is included in the Nutrition section, including guides and factsheets on dairy pasture nutrition, budgeting and nutrient losses.


Including references to scientific publications, technical publications, theses, books, conference and seminar proceedings which SARDI personnel have contributed to.