Collaborative Partners

Aquatic Sciences

Internal Collaborative Partners

Food Safety and Innovation

  • The Food Safety and Innovation science program at SARDI provides technical support and research capability in food processing, including seafood (from both aquaculture and wild fisheries), to the South Australian food industry. The program supports the South Australian Government's plan to increase food production to $20 billion by 2020.
  • Seafood industry services
    Opportunities for exports, product quality and value-adding are expanding in the seafood industry. To meet the need, SARDI Food Safety and Innovation science program offers a range of services, with research capabilities in seafood safety and market access for aquacultured species as well as husbandry, harvest and post-harvest handling, and value-adding opportunities for a wide range of aquatic species.

External Collaborative Partners


  • Marine Innovation Southern Australia (MISA) (external site)  is a partnership between SARDI, Flinders University, University of Adelaide, South Australian Museum, Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA), the seafood industry and regional communities. MISA focuses on seafood quality and value-adding, aquaculture innovation, ecosystem services and biosecurity

Department of Environment and Primary Industries Victoria

  • Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Minister Rory McEwen and Victorian Minister for Agriculture Joe Helper have signed an historic aquatic research alliance.Department of Environment and Primary Industries Victoria (external site) - Cross-border research alliance leads the nation.

    In an Australian first, South Australia and Victoria have signed an historic agreement to share aquatic sciences research capability.

    Former Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Minister Rory McEwen and Victorian Minister for Agriculture Joe Helper have formally signed a strategic alliance between the states to share resources and optimise opportunities.

    The agreement aims to deliver more effective and efficient aquatic sciences research, improved networks, better science outcomes and complementary new capabilities. It will also strengthen the states' ability to attract funding for new infrastructure and research.

    SARDI Aquatic Sciences chief, Professor Gavin Begg, says South Australia's expertise in oceanography, aquatic biosecurity and marine aquaculture will be of particular interest to Victoria, while South Australia will benefit from Victoria's capabilities in the areas of freshwater research, reproduction of native freshwater fish and recreational fisheries research.

    A governing board of representatives from both agencies is now being formed to oversee the development of collaborative research programs.

Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR)

  • SARDI is working in close collaboration with South Australia's Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, particularly in the area of marine community composition, marine ecology and freshwater fish conservation, and have formal partnership arrangements to progress science in this field.

Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs)

  • Aquafin CRC: a research and education provider that concluded June 2008, for the sustainable aquaculture of finfish in Australia, with the main research emphasis on Atlantic salmon and southern bluefin tuna.
  • Australian Seafood CRC (external site): providing research across the entire seafood value chain, from wild-harvest and aquaculture production through to the consumer, to profibably deliver safe, high-quality,nutritious Australian seafood products to premium markets, domestically and overseas.
  • Invasive Animals CRC (external site): The Invasive Animals CRC creates new technologies and integrated strategies to reduce the impact of invasive animals on Australia's economy, environment, and people. They concentrate on developing smarter tools to prevent and detect new invasions, advanced and tactical tools to strengthen integrated management strategies of carp and other pest fish, and new tools and integrated management strategies for major pests including foxes, wild dogs, feral pigs, rats and mice, cane toads, feral cats and rabbits.
  • eWater CRC (external site): eWater is a technology development initiative set up by the Australia's water resource management and research sector. eWater's core business is building water management tools for partners and bringing those tools to Australian and international markets.

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