Aquatic Sciences Facilities

SARDI Aquatic Sciences has many unique facilities to achieve its goal of world class marine research.  The innovative and practical research conducted by Aquatic Sciences enhances the State's economic growth and enables the Conservation of natural resources for South Australia and national initiatives.  The scientific personnel at SARDI Aquatic Sciences' undertake a diverse range of activities to investigate and understand the complex ecosystems, fisheries and aquaculture industries of South Australia and national temperate environments. SARDI Aquatic Sciences Facilities Capability Statement (PDF3.3 MB)

South Australian Aquatic Sciences Centre (SAASC)

The South Australian Aquatic Sciences Centre is a purpose-built marine and freshwater research facility with a vast array of infrastructure and scientific support facilities. The central complex is based on the sea front at West Beach and is home to SARDI's Aquatic Sciences group, supporting more than 80 research scientists and support staff.

South Australian Aquatic Sciences Centre
2 Hamra Avenue
West Beach  SA 5024
Tel: 61 08 8207 5400

South Australian Aquatic Sciences Centre Library

The South Australian Aquatic Sciences Centre Library houses the most comprehensive collection of specialist aquatic science literature in South Australia, including information on marine and freshwater flora and fauna, their biology, habitat, capture and culture.

Pool Farm

The Pool Farm at SARDI West Beach provides a large number of differing tank capacities and environments. It is available to marine and aquaculture industries, Universities and partners of the Marine Innovations SA initiative (MISA).  Both sea water and freshwater is delivered to the tank farm for inland waters research as well as marine research.

North Arm Store (berthing and storage)

SARDI's Aquatic Sciences has a berthing and storage facility at North Arm, near South Australia's largest port facilities on the Port River.  The North Arm Store houses important field equipment, smaller coastal research vessels and, when in port, the berthing of the 200 tonne Marine Research Vessel (MRV) Ngerin.

The Marine Research Vessel Ngerin

The Ngerin is designed for biological and oceanographic studies in coastal and offshore waters of South Australia. It is equiped with trawl equipment, hydraulic winch, computer facilities, wet and dry laboratories, seawater tanks and communication and navigation systems.

Mount Gambier Office

The Mount Gambier office is a research office, acting as a base of operations for conducting fisheries research into southern rock lobster and abalone. The site is a part of the Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) office complex.  The building houses several research and administration staff based in the state's South East. Field equipment needed to understand the complex local environments is stored locally at a secure compound.

Primary Industries Headquarters
9 Krummel Street
PO Box 2124
Mount Gambier SA 5290 

Phone: 08 8735 1325  Fax: 08 8723 1941

Lincoln Marine Science Centre

Located on the shores of Boston Bay in Port Lincoln, the Lincoln Marine Science Centre (LMSC) is ideally suited to marine research and tertiary education. The science centre is situated in a region with a temperate climate, clean waters, abundant marine life and many developing aquaculture industries.

Waikerie Inland Saline Aquaculture Centre (WISAC)

The Waikerie Inland Saline Aquaculture Centre, was a pilot commercial scale demonstration aquaculture facility near Waikerie, the saline groundwater from the salt interception pipeline at Woolpunda, has enabled the successful production of table fish species - Mulloway.

Australasian Experimental Stockfeed Extrusion Centre (AESEC)

The Australasian Experimental Stockfeed Extrusion Centre assists the development of aquaculture and livestock sectors by providing training, research and development, commercial facility hire and manufacture of non-commercial quantities of extruded feed.

National Collaborative Research Infrastructure (NCRIS)

The National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) Photobioreactor Facility based at SAASC aims to produce biomass from microalgae at pilot and commercial scales for biodiesel production.

Southern Australian Integrated Marine Observing System (SAIMOS)

The Southern Australian Integrated Marine Observing System (SAIMOS), is implementing an observing system consisting of shelf moorings, ship based surveys, ocean gliders, autonomous underwater vehicles and HF radar, to collect data on ocean circulation systems and the ecosystems that underpin our valuable fisheries, and potential climate change impacts on our oceans and fisheries.