South Australian Aquatic Sciences Centre LibraryThe South Australian Aquatic Sciences Centre Library houses the most comprehensive collection of specialist aquatic science literature in South Australia. It includes information on marine and freshwater flora and fauna, their biology, habitat, capture and culture.

SARDI Aquatic Sciences specialises in temperate aquatic research and hence the library collection is based around information on temperate research into fisheries, ecosystems and aquaculture from SA and other temperate areas of the globe, together with local management reports. There is also a broad range of material covering fisheries and aquaculture policy, economics, management and legislation from other areas of the world.

Resources - What's in the library?

The library has a range of information contained in various types of publications including: Reference Books, Scientific Journals; Reports, Technical Reports, Annual Reports , Fishery Statistics and Theses.
SARDI publications are also available including:

  • Scientific Papers written by SARDI staff;
  • Technical Reports short communications and consultancies;
  • Books and Theses written by SARDI scientists or by students supervised by staff;
  • Conference and seminar Proceedings;
  • SARDI Report Series including stock assessment reports;
  • Issues of Southern Fisheries

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Open to the public?

The public, non Aquatic Sciences staff and students may access the library by appointment only. Items held within the library are available for loan to SARDI Aquatic Sciences staff only but the library is part of the inter-library loan network and so books may be borrowed through your local library.

Library Services

Public access

Members of the public may access this comprehensive collection on Aquatic Sciences by appointment only.

Library Journal Holdings List 2014

SAASC Library Journal Holdings List 2014 lists the journals held by the library.


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