2010 Media Releases

23 December 2010 A message from the deep
Lifesavers on Adelaide’s suburban beaches could one day receive warnings of sharks in the area via text messages to their mobile phones.

13 December 2010 Farming seaweed a 'green' idea
The feasibility of farming seaweed in association with existing ocean-based finfish aquaculture being investigated in a new project by the South Australian Research and Development Institute (Aquatic Sciences) in partnership with the University of Adelaide.

7 December 2010 Turning waste into a valuable "green" commodity
Commercial Scale Integrated Biosystems for Organic Waste and Wastewater Treatment for The Livestock and Food Processing Industries

25 November 2010 Mussel growers hatch new plans
SARDI scientists have produced hatchery reared mussel spat as part of an effort by SA mussel growers to create the State’s first commercial mussel hatchery.

4 November 2010 2011 Sowing Guide out
South Australian Variety Sowing Guide released

1 November 2010 Deep-sea volcano discovered in Great Australia Bight
SARDI scientists are excited by the discovery of a cone shaped ‘volcano’ 2000 metres deep in the Great Australian Bight (GAB).

20 October 2010 It's all in the bleat
The time a lamb takes to bleat after being man-handled has emerged as a novel genetic avenue to boost lamb survival.

29 September 2010 Vale Geoff Auricht
Reflections on the legacy Geoff Auricht left to the world's farming community in nearly thirty years of pasture improvement.

27 September 2010 Don't throw the raw prawn
Recreational anglers have been warned to only use prawns for bait that have been irradiated, following the release of a report from SARDI.

23 September 2010 The Ocean's 'Supermum'
SARDI scientists are starring in a wildlife documentary on the endangered Australian sea lion that is screening worldwide on the National Geographic network, and on ABC TV

18 September 2010 Disease alert for pulse crops
Disease alert: Move quickly to protect pulse crops

3 September 2010 Lucrative and lovely lentils launched - rural edition
The State's Minister Michael O'Brien today launched two premium red lentil varieties that will strengthen South Austalia's standing on world markets as a quality producer.

3 September 2010 Lucrative and lovely lentil launch details
News alert: New lucrative and lovely lentils to take the world by storm

20 August 2010 Research Recognition for SARDI Oat Team
SARDI’s Oat Breeding team were the happy recipients of $5000 as finalists at the South Australian Science Excellence awards

16 August 2010 Tuna research wins again
SARDI Aquatic Sciences Aquaculture scientists are celebrating a double win for tuna research.

11 August 2010 Shark research lands a tall poppy
Marine biologist, Dr Charlie Huveneers, is one of eight South Australian finalists in the 2010 Young Tall Poppies of Science awards

2 August 2010 Footage of pigs
Footage of pigs and forms of alternative housing compiled by SARDI and the Pork CRC.

1 July 2010 New Head of SARDI
Affiliate Professor Pauline Mooney has taken the reins of Australia's leading primary industry state research organisation, the South Australian Research and Development Institute as its Executive Director.

1 July 2010 Rob Lewis - SARDI reflects on enduring leader
SARDI reflects on the distinguished service of it's outgoing Executive Director, Affiliate Professor Rob Lewis.

31 May 2010 $9.4 m Southern Australian Integrated Marine Observing System launch
A $9.4 million Southern Australian Integrated Marine Observing System will provide unprecedented insights into the role of the Southern Ocean on our climate, ecosystems and seafood production.

27 May 2010 Fight-back for humble spud to stay healthy
SARDI scientists have made major strides in diagnosing potato diseases.

14 May 2010 Recognition for research leader
The University of Adelaide has awarded SARDI's Deputy Executive Director Dr Pauline Mooney the honorary title of Affiliate Professor within the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine, Faculty of Sciences.

16 April 2010 SARDI Report presents shark fishery management options to help Australian sea lion populations
SARDI scientists have presented Commonwealth fisheries and threatened species management agencies with a range of options to minimise the risk to threatened Australian sea lion populations from bycatch mortality in the shark gillnet fishery off South Australia.

15 April 2010 Improved sowing guide to lessen blackspot in peas
South Australian pea growers can now pick the best sowing time to lessen the risk of a blackspot outbreak by accessing a simple chart online.

14 April 2010 Sea lions given a `voice' in the marine park planning process
Australian sea lions fitted with GPS trackers and National Geographic Crittercams are playing a central role in the development of South Australia's marine parks.

1 April 2010 Meeting livestock needs while making the most of saltbush
Exploring the limits of saltbush productivity while looking after livestock condition will be the focus of a field day in the Upper South East April 16 2010.

24 March 2010 Koala greets researchers
Working at the Waite Campus has its perks - and today a koala greeted researchers on their way to a day at the office at SARDI's Plant Research Centre.

5 March 2010 Breeding for productive females - Beef CRC field day
Struan Research Centre will host a Beef CRC field day looking at the impact of breeding for meat on maternal productivity..

4 March 2010 Act now to prevent crop disease losses
Following a spike in crop diseases in Spring last year, SARDI’s plant and soil health team say ACTING NOW is the best line of defence to protect this year’s cereal, pulse and oilseed crops.

3 March 2010 Conservation by numbers
Mathematical ecologist, Professor Corey Bradshaw, who uses his mathematical skills to help solve complex conservation problems, has drawn national acclaim.

2 March 2010 New eradication approach to exotic disease
SARDI’s Dr Mark Sosnowski has outlined progress towards eradicating an exotic disease efficiently without having to destroy entire grapevines at this week’s Global Biosecurity Conference (2010).

23 February 2010 Spotlight on grazing industries
The spotlight is on the State’s grazing enterprises with two key field days to be held on Wednesday February 24, attracted an impressive line-up of national speakers.