2005 Media Releases

December 2005 - Charity Cherry Cheer for Christmas
The Minister for Education and Member for Adelaide, Jane Lomax Smith, will deliver some Christmas Cherry Cheer to the Salvation Army today with the presentation of boxes of SA-Government bred cherries.

November 2005 - State's Wine Industry Turns Up Heat On Climate Change
Viticulturists are taking a 'pre-emptive strike' against climate change by preparing to adapt their farm management practices.

October 2005 - Callop at Chowilla
Scientists from SARDI’s Inland Waters Program implanted miniature radio transmittersin to Callop in late August to investigate where, when and how this species moves throughthe delicate ecosystem.

October 2005 - Etiella Alert For Lentil Growers
Lentil growers should check their crops for the destructive lentil pest, etiella, SARDI entomologists warned today.

September 2005 - Blueprint for Marine Innovation Launched (PDF)
The state government, the seafood industry, research, tertiary education and training institutions have backed an ambitious program which they believe will help secure the future of the industry and protect South Australia's marine environment.

September 2005 - Lesser Budworm Caterpillar Host Range Update

September 2005 - Pulse Diseases March to a New Drum
SARDI scientists have seized on an unexpected collaboration with international scientists to test a new approach to managing the devastating disease - ascochyta - in Australian chickpeas.

September 2005 - Moths on the March: Could become Hungry Caterpillars
Following flights of lesser budworm throughout the State two weeks ago, SARDI scientists have reinforced advice that farmers need to monitor their crops for emerging caterpillars.

August 2005 - Moths on the March
Scientist tentatively identify moths swarm through state late August as lesser budworm.

August 2005 - Livestock Embryo Breakthrough
A new embryo freezing technique developed for sheep and cattle which could revolutionise the global movement of genetic material will undergo its first field test later this month.

June 2005 - Water Smart Bids (PDF)
River Murray Minister, Karlene Maywald says she's hoping SA funding bids for water efficient projects will be successful under the national 'Water Smart Australia' program.

June 2005 - The 'Holy Grail' of Plant Research Awarded (PDF)
International research into the perennial legume will be undertaken over the next three years by CRC Salinity PhD researcher Natasha Teakle, with the support of the AW Howard Memorial Fellowship.

April 2005 - Fish Food From Cattle Waste (PDF)
A new $4.5 million dollar R&D project aims to improve farm incomes, increase regional employment, reduce pollution of our waterways and create new industries.

April 2005 - Vineyard ills diagnosed online
A new website, developed in SA by the South Australian Research and Development Institute in partnership with local grape industry groups, has been formatted for access by desk-top and handheld computers and the latest mobile phone technology.

February 2005 - Elusive European Wasp Nests Targetted
A new baiting service targetting hard-to-locate European Wasp nests is being trialled as a commercial venture by the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI).

March 2005 - Making Sense of Climate Risk Management Information
Ten thousand primary producers across the State will this week receive brochures explaining how they can access the most advanced information on seasonal climate outlooks and climate risk.

February 2005 - Breeding Sheep in the 21st Century
The field day is a great opportunity for woolgrowers to come together, view the results and discuss sheep breeding practices with the common goal of improving the Australian Merino sheep.