Products and Services

SARDI Livestock provides a range of services to the industry and private sector. 

The Pig Health and Production Research Group provide consultancy services, efficacy studies and contract research in a range of health, housing and production activities.

The PIRSA Animal Ethics Committee provides approval for research involving the use of animals at PIRSA sites or by PIRSA staff within the conditions laid out by the South Australian Animal Welfare Act 1985.(external link) and the Australian Code of Practice for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes (external link)

The Rural Solutions Advisory & Communication Studies (External Link) provides advisory, communication and ad-hoc services to the South Australian Pig Industry 

The Nutrition Research Laboratory offers Nutrition Laboratory Analyses -  analytical services for feed, faeces and digesta 

Training Services - consultancy services provided by Rural Solutions SA staff within the Pig and Poultry Production Institute - provide several training packages

Layer Studies - The Poultry Research Group uses a world class facility to conduct layer research studies for clients.

Welfare and Husbandry Research Program - Concern about animal welfare is generally based on the assumption that animals can experience pain and distress in the same manner as humans.