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Enhancing the competitiveness of Australia's pig and poultry industries through research, extension and education

SARDI's Pigs and Poultry science program area has grown from the Pig and Poultry Production Institute, which was established at the University of Adelaide Roseworthy Campus in 1996 as a joint venture between:  

  • Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA) 
  • The University of Adelaide
  • and the Australian pig and poultry industries.

The science program provides research and development in nutrition, housing, reproduction, health and welfare and meat hygiene for the pork, chicken meat and egg industries. Research expertise and technology developed for the pig and poultry industries aims to enhance the economic growth of the Australian pork and poultry industries, as well as expand education and training capabilities as part of it national research, development and extension commitments.

The R&D at Roseworthy is funded by SARDI, PIRSA, The University of Adelaide, national and state-based research and development funds, contracts with industry, user pays services to industry and government, charges for training courses and demonstrations, fees for lecturing and the sale of produce.


The Pigs & Poultry research program aims to assist industry to develop sustainable, cost and energy efficient production systems that meet consumer’s expectations of clean, healthy food produced in welfare friendly systems.

To achieve this aim, in regard to its client industries, the program seeks to

  • Lead and conduct innovative and practical research that enhances the economic growth of industry
  • Provide the highest quality research and development facilities within Australia to underpin the international competitiveness of industry
  • Develop new technologies for, and improve the efficiency and economic status of Australian industry
  • Identify opportunities for new products, processes and services and where applicable facilitate their development to commercial application
  • Identify, develop and maintain partnerships, collaborations and alliances that optimise the use of research and development resources for the enhancement of industry
  • Rapidly respond to the ever changing needs of Australian industry to ensure its viability well into the 21st century.


SARDI's Pigs & Poultry science program works in collaboration with industry, producers, consultant nutritionists, veterinarians, engineers and food and pharmaceutical manufacturers. It also has strong collaborative links with other research groups in the field, both nationally and internationally.

The Southern Star Poultry Alliance and Southern Pork Alliance, formed in 2012-13, built on the existing collaborations at The University of Adelaide Roseworthy Campus which consolidates resources from SARDI, PIRSA, the University of Adelaide and TAFE to provide a focus for livestock research, development and education.


SARDI's Pigs & Poultry research uses state-of-the-art, purpose built  research and production facilities to provide

  • Strategic research services for research and development corporations
  • Research services to companies involved in the manufacture of feed and pharmaceuticals
  • Teaching services to under-graduates of the University of Adelaide and TAFE
  • Supervision and research services to post-graduates of the University of Adelaide
  • Research outcomes and technical information to industry through training programs and workshops for producers
  • Assistance to industry in the development of quality assurance programs.

Science Program Areas

The Pigs & Poultry research team are part of the SARDI's Livestock and Farming Systems research division.

The main areas of research are

  • Pig health and reproduction
  • Poultry nutrition
  • Pig housing
  • Welfare and husbandry.

Areas of research and expertise within these programs are listed as project titles within the Research Projects section for each industry.

List of pig and poultry projects

Advisory and training services

The Pigs & Poultry unit assists The University of Adelaide to meet the education needs of veterinary and animal science undergraduate and post graduate students from Australia and overseas and run poultry training courses for local and overseas groups.

Rural Solutions SA staff also provide advisory, consultancy and training services to industry.