Pests & Diseases




Research and Development

SARDI Entomology's research and development program includes projects to provide information about:

  • Biological control of insects and weeds
  • Development of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) systems for agricultural industries
  • Urban entomology
  • Post-harvest entomology and market access
  • Pest management research and advice

Information about current and recently completed research projects


SARDI Entomology's facilities include research laboratories, glasshouses and quarantine facilities:

  • A Biological Control Quarantine Insectary for the introduction of beneficial insects of importance to South Australian agricultural industries
  • A network of research stations for research on insects in horticulture, field crops, pastures and livestock
  • Environmental control rooms for exact studies and modern glasshouses for growing plants
  • Pesticide testing apparatus ranging from field scale to micro application
  • A Bioassay Laboratory for insecticide resistance screening and for assessing pesticide effects on beneficial insects
  • A large photographic collection of pest and beneficial insects of southern Australia (photographs are available for purchase)

Diagnostic services

The Entomology Unit provides an insect identification and advice service, including Western Flower Thrips (WFT) identifications.

Information about the service including costs
Insect Diagnostic Service Specimen Form (.PDF)

Pest information

More information about specific insect pests including their life cycle, identification, damage caused, monitoring and control can be found in SARDI's Fact Sheets.

SARDI's Entomology Unit contributes to the following government services:

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