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SIT stands for the Sterile Insect Technique, which is the release of sterile insects into target areas to prevent further reproduction. It involves rearing large numbers of a pest species and irradiating them so they become sterile (Dyck, Hendrichs et al. 2005).

Currently in Australia there are two sterile fruit fly rearing facilities. The Department of Agriculture and Food in Western Australia has a Mediterranean fruit fly facility and the Department of Primary Industries in New South Wales has a Queensland fruit fly facility.

This website will provide access to all Australian SIT Network Newsletters and an update on future meetings and/or conferences both in Australia and overseas related to fruit fly.


Australian SIT Network Newsletter

SARDI Entomology have put together the Australian SIT Network Newsletter and this website. The newsletter provides relevant information on sterile fruit fly research to increase communication between Australian states.

If you are interested in this newsletter you may also be able to contribute information for others to read. Short articles on sterile fruit fly research, meetings, production and release programs are welcome. We also include brief updates on renovations/ upgrades/ moves/ new employees.

Currently, the newsletters are sent out bi-annually.

If you would like a copy sent to you or you would like to contribute please email Vanessa Cockington (details below).


Australian SIT Network Newsletter - March 2009

Australian SIT Network Newsletter - April 2008

Australian SIT Network Newsletter - May 2007

Australian SIT Network Newsletter - December 2006

All are welcome to send us relevant details on previous or future fruit fly information.

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Dr Peter Crisp
Phone: (08) 8303 9371

Dyck, V. A., J. Hendrichs, et al., Eds. (2005). Sterile Insect Technique: Principles and Practice in Area-Wide Integrated Pest Management. The Netherlands, Springer.