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Dr Scoresby Shepherd

Senior Research Fellow, SARDI Aquatic Sciences

Dr Scoresby Shepherd

Phone: +61 8 8207 5455

Dr Scoresby is a Senior Research Fellow at SARDI Aquatic Sciences.

He started work at the Department of Fisheries in 1968, and worked there – and later at SARDI – until he retired in 2000.  

Now an Honorary Fellow at SARDI, Dr Scoresby’s research focused on abalone biology and ecology, with collateral studies on other molluscs, crustaceans, seagrass, algal ecology and fish ecology. He led Fisheries/SARDI research expeditions to Pearson Island, Nuyts Archipelago and Althorpe Island. He has also studied abalone overseas, including Alaska, Oman, Japan and Mexico, and in the Galapagos Islands he studied the ecology of the marine iguana and the sea cucumber fishery. In 2005, he was made Profesor Adjunto to Centro de Investigaciones Cientificas y Educacion Superior de Ensenada (CICESE) in Mexico. 

He is the author of 130 papers and editor of five books on marine life and is currently working on a book entitled: The Unique South: the Ecology of Australian Temperate Reefs

In 1997, Dr Scoresby was awarded the Australian Marine Sciences Association Jubilee Medal and was appointed Officer of the Order of Australia in 2006. He also was awarded the Verco Medal of the Royal Society of SA in 2008. 

Dr Scoresby (whose degrees include PhD, MEnv St, LLB and BA) has been a member of the Scientific Working Group advising the Minister of Environment on Marine Parks since 2005. An Honorary Associate of the SA Museum, he was president of the International Abalone Society from 2000-2006.